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Soul Structure

Sacred Commons

Year Released: 2017
Format: Download
Label: self released
Reviewed by MH on Mar 9, 2017
Soul Structure remain hard to pigeonhole here on their second full length. Post hardcore and emo are the order of the day with plenty of reverb and some varied influences along the way. Naturally there are similarities to Plaids with Joe Caithness on vocals and at times where it's needed they match the urgency of Plaids too. Things can fly along but there are lots of spacier interludes, and tangents are explored throughout too with longer, drawn-out Moss Icon-y bits along the way. I wouldn't say they meander though as there are plenty of bursts of energy and it's pretty driven at times but there are more tempo changes and a drifting into spacier areas throughout. You could possibly also throw a second-album-Bob-Tilton reference at some of the drawn-out breakdowns like on the instrumental part halfway through "Fierce Green". The latter part of the album is a little calmer for the most part like on the haunting "Ghost Earth" which has something of a dreamier, hazy slant coupled with a brilliantly teetering guitar line. I've been listening to this a whole lot lately and will likely continue to do so as it's the kind of thing where repeated listening brings out more in the tracks. I've already mentioned "Ghost Earth" but other highlights for me are the bendy wonkmo of "Holos", and the coupling of "Native Settlement" and "Planetary Boundaries" which are a journey in themselves. This is getting an initial digital and cassette release but will likely end up on vinyl in the not too distant future hopefully.

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