A horrible hack

Cat Apostrophe

The World Is Fucked

Year Released: 2017
Format: Download
Label: self released
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Mar 24, 2017
Can’t argue with that sentiment there. Also the note on their bandcamp that says “Three sad pop songs about surviving and eating”. Add in drinking and that’s me. Loping opener “I Left My Room” is seemingly dealing with subject of depression and the small successes you can achieve in the battle that’s never truly won. It has big chunky Dinosaur Jr guitars and plinky plonky keyboard like early Mates of State. They describe themselves as pop punk but this is certainly far from my impression of that heavily tainted genre. Certainly several degrees of separation from Moose Blood. This is simply good music. Each track is a little bit wonky. And you’ve never heard a pop punk record with vocals like this, they are truly quite brilliant. Not even sure where to begin on describing them so go listen. The endearingly monikered band wrap up on “Small Things” which twinkles away in a gorgeously emo fashion beneath those show stealing vocals. This is the pick for me, it’s like Past Worn Searching era Rainer Maria (ok that’s enough super old irrelevant references).

Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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