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Year Released: 2016
Format: Tape
Label: self released
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Mar 24, 2017
Hello what’s this. Unfrith (desperately struggling to not type this as Unfirth for some reason) appear to be from Yorkshire and they are playing some emotional hardcore punk that has been recorded at quite a low fidelity. The way it oughta be! It’s a bit blown out, possibly they have recorded it into the mobile phone that interferes with the start of “Lose My Number” (ha, I get it!). There seems to be minimal info on this band beyond their bandcamp page on the interwebs. Which I approve of, given how easy it is to type words into google and listen to like a demo of some stupidly obscure emo band like Hour of the Star these days. In 10 years time when Bandcamp has been bought out by Amazon and all the free stuff purged, I’ll dig out my old Denon tape deck and rip this and upload it to the singularity and 3 people will be like “holy shit Andy this is really cool”. It’s hefty, driven and worth digging into. Doesn’t specifically sound like any of my favourites but it is certainly a good thing and I understand why they sent it to Collective Zine mostly because who else in 2017 is going to review a band that sounds like this eh? Final note: the handwritten song descriptions are very good.

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