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Planet Trash - Terror Attakk

Planet Trash Vs. Terror Attakk EP

Year Released: 2016
Format: 7"
Label: Doomed Harmonics
Reviewed by Nerida on Mar 25, 2017
This neon beauty holds music by two long running Swedish punk bands you’ve probably never heard of before, both going for around 20 odd years, but rarely getting outside of their homeland.

Planet Trash’s sound is very reminiscent of Behind Enemy Lines and Aus Rotten, the first tracks ‘Breeding Ground for hate’ and ‘Waiting room of death’ being very much in that vein with their aggressive rampaging political punk. While the third track ‘Someday you will wake up’ made Good Clean Fun spring to mind, and the third track ‘Apathetic’ has a very catchy guitar rift that captured elements of 90’s posi-hardcore. Terror Attakk’s side is more crust/d-beat in style. The catchy sounding ‘666armborst666’ is the first track, sounding a little like it was recorded in a basement, it’s a very DIY sounding but yet typically polished kind of punk that the Swedish are none for doing so damn well. ‘Riktad Aggression’ the second track begins with an almost classic rock style guitar intro before pounding into some hardcore, and then it swiftly ends with the final track ‘PMA’ a short but sweet chorus led send off.

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