A horrible hack



Year Released: 2017
Format: CD
Label: mum says be polite records
Reviewed by MH on Mar 26, 2017
This three-tracker is book-ended by two 30-second bursts of flailing, chaotic 90s-esque emo that feature at both the start of "Trembling" and the latter part of "Abyssal" while in between there are moments of utter beauty, sadness and desperation. A quick glance at the other bands the members of Mira have been in will give you a hint as to how they might sound (Manku Kapak, Illil and Fljora). They're also named after a moon 300 light years from Earth and you'll see more of that space imagery in the lyrics of "Among Stars" as well as on the artwork that accompanies the CD. I wouldn't quite call it a calmness but "Trembling" settles down a little once the voiceover sample kicks in. Then,"Among Stars" is more ponderous with a wonderfully melancholy guitar line running through it. It's a little reminiscent of Human Hands in their pre-sad cowboy phase and the weariness in both sets of vocals at the start of the track gives way to despair by the time the song is through. I can already say I won't hear many better songs than this one all year. "Abyssal" then builds and builds before flying off the edge towards the end. In keeping with the other releases on this label, the care and attention that has gone into the packaging of the CD is quite stunning too. Highly recommended.

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