A horrible hack


En Viaje

Year Released: 2015
Format: Tape
Label: Cruel Nature Recordings
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Mar 28, 2017
Description for this one sounded interesting, but when I went to play the tape it was nadgered. This meant its fate was to be left atop a pile of clutter, only to be buried beneath yet more clutter as time wore on. It resurfaced after a recent clutterslide (three injuries; mercifully no loss of life), and while the cassette remains unplayable it at least led me to give the songs a few spins on Bandcamp. The note that came with the tape mentions noise-rock, along with Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr. Of those three mentions, Sonic Youth are perhaps the most apt, given the vague, drifting qualities and frequent lapses into noisy dissonance. I'm more reminded, though, of a listlessly slugabed Sleater Kinney, or a rockier take on Simple Machines bands like Scrawl or Tsunami. If I'm honest, things seem a bit slung together and obvious, but, hey, in the time it's taken me to get my act together and listen to the damn thing they've managed to put three more releases out, so maybe things've picked up some.

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