A horrible hack


Kingdom Of The Grave

Year Released: 2017
Format: Download
Label: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Apr 13, 2017
One of those ones. They merge His Hero Is Gone and Dismember. Two great bands, admittedly. Great, great bands. But two of the most mimicked bands of the past 20-25 years. With this their template, Sigil were never going to sound splendidly original, were they? But they do sound good. You have to admit that. The pummel and surge is there. The riffs are tasty and plentiful. The songwriting is keen. A couple of the tracks have little orchestral flourishes that work really well, until, at least, they get obliterated by big, surly, hobnailed riffs. And so it progresses. Quite enjoyable and easy to engage with on just about every level. So easy, in fact, that there's a risk it'll just slip on over you, and that when it's finished you'll have to really think about what just happened. Pinch yourself, maybe, to make sure something just did.

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