A horrible hack

Throat Sprockets

White Elephant

Year Released: 2014
Format: CD
Label: Cat Sandwich Records
Reviewed by Oli Saunders on Apr 15, 2017
Ah Throat Sprockets, it's been a while. I've had some interesting experiences listening to them (particularly Lankershim Square); the last record I reviewed was much more standard. What happened to the girl singer? I miss her. The guy can't carry it by himself. I complained before about how bizarre they were but now I wish they'd go back to that. Well, to be fair they've managed to fit 26 tracks on this album (there are regular DJ interludes) with some good song titles like 'Attila The Hen' and 'Dog With Broom For Nose And Tail'. 'Life Support' is a lovely keyboard piece. The rest is interesting and quirky; it seems that this is the last output from the band.

15th April 2017

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