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Wild Pink

Wild Pink

Year Released: 2017
Format: LP
Label: Tiny Engines
Reviewed by MH on Apr 17, 2017
Last year's "4 Songs" EP by Wild Pink was my first time hearing them and that EP was actually outtakes from the same sessions as this album. The sound is definitely reminiscent of that EP with the band dealing in slow and wistful, folky indie rock mixed in with some looser, rawer outbursts which up the distortion levels and loudness. It's a pretty 90s sound on the whole and the subdued, almost whispered vocals remind me of Lou Barlow's more restrained side on occasion. Lyrically things are interesting - things feel personal but, at the same time, offbeat too ("The flower bed gave away your hiding space" and “You are the beauty queen. You left piss on the seat"). I've not seen a lyric sheet but I'd be keen to. It's really those slower burners that win me over like the opener and, in particular, the brilliant "Wizard of Loneliness" and "Albert Ross" but this album is an early highlight for me in 2017.

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