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Nebraska - Diplomat


Year Released: 2017
Format: LP
Label: time as a color - ruined smile - Don't Live Like Me - Rubaiyat
Reviewed by Oli Saunders on Apr 17, 2017
Nebraska's 7'' from 2012 is up there with the best Aussiemo so I am delighted to discover they are still kicking around. Having said that, Carousel is a slightly underwhelming return, given their previous output. It meanders through but almost feels like a band getting back together after a while and trying to rediscover their magic. Fortunately by track two they've got some of it back: 'Gravity's Fool' is a great track, with a gentle introduction and half-sung half-spoken vocals, which leads into a wonderful chorus. It sounds rawer than before but I personally like this aspect. 'Lower Light' is the outro, with indecipherable vocals behind some undistorted guitars. It explodes near the end and I'm reminded a little of Kids Return at this point. Overall, a welcome return but lower your expectations from that wonderful 7''.

Diplomat impress me with their opening noisy riffs and particularly how the vocals sit behind the groove that is produced. 'Minarets' keeps me interested throughout - I think I lot of people will be unfamiliar with the band and should check them out. Track two is more aggressive and the change in sound works well; the final build up too, wow! And by their final song they've stole the show - again they play noisy indie/emo but manage once more to vary it and keep it interesting and, well, unique. Definitely give this a listen.

17th April 2017

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