A horrible hack


Run With The Hunted

Year Released: 2017
Format: Download
Label: Southern Lord
Reviewed by Alex Deller on May 29, 2017
S'been five years since the last Wolfbrigade album, which seems like a crazy length of time. While I was maybe a bit lukewarm on 'Damned' this one is satisfying straight off the bat, surging out the speakers as though it's going into some desperate final battle. The sound is positively huge, and the whole thing has this rampaging, gung-ho attitude that sweeps you along whether you want it to or not. The raw, husky vocals and face-mashing D-beats are tempered by dashes of sly melodicism and occasional cheeky fillips that bring classics like Thin Lizzy or Motörhead to mind – a winning combination, and more than enough to ensure this one isn't Just Another D-Beat Release.

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