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Conqueror Worm - This Ends Here


Year Released: 2017
Format: Download
Label: Rip Roaring Shit Storm - WOOAAARGH - Let The Bastards Grind - Never Fall Into Silence - Prejudice Me - Made In The Meth Lab
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Jun 29, 2017
Two UK bands, one I'm familiar with and one I'm not. Conqueror Worm being the unknown quantity, we'll start with them. First impressions are good: an utter racket, made of drums, bass and voice. The promo blurb mentions everyone from 324 to Celtic Frost, and while I'm not sure I hear any of that it's still impressive: aggressive, difficult, pained music with just enough structure to keep it from falling apart. If you like the idea of a grindier version of Mommy with vox caught somewhere between Nick Blinko and the guy from Unruh then this is definitely worth your time. This Ends Here put in a solid side's worth of stuff, but it's a lot more regular. Crunchy melodic crust serves as its backbone, with occasional bouts of frantic speed and some looming atmospheric parts. It's like a mid-way point between 'Fifteen Counts Of Arson' and the first Tragedy record, albeit with shakier riffs and a more variable production job. Not bad, but I definitely prefer the weirder stuff on the other side.

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