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Pettersson - Det är Därför vi Bygger Städer


Year Released: 2017
Format: 7"
Label: Pundonor
Reviewed by Oli Saunders on Jul 2, 2017
The invention of post-rock screamo doesn't feel that long ago but in fact it's been over ten years; Pettersson offer a contribution here, building up for a minute before unleashing their reverbing guitars on the world. The vocals remind me a little of Kids Return. It's decent but they conclude at two and a half minutes by fading out and I feel a little short-changed.

Det är Därför vi Bygger Städer sound like they've listened to a lot of Euro bands like Suis La Lune and they do a decent number here. Melody with jangly parts and yappy vocals - it clicks halfway through and the rideout from here on is highly enjoyable.

2nd July 2017

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