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Complaints And Riots We Should Leave To Cats

Year Released: 2016
Format: Tape
Label: PeterWalkee
Reviewed by Oli Saunders on Jul 5, 2017
If you like messed up folk music you might like Cages. Noisy and haunting, this tape consists of five songs over forty minutes, all recorded live to a good sound quality from what I believe is two sets. Bjork springs to mind the most with Nola Ranallo's intense vocals, whilst Dave Bailey is at the helm making an array of noises. Track two is a highlight, as Nola accentuates over simple ambience, though it goes on for too long, especially when she starts shrieking. This is sort of the pattern from then on - some neat ideas overdone. They end on a high though, with the five minute 'I Saw The Light'; gentle ambience and soft vocals build up well but at last it is kept simple and effective.

5th July 2017

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