A horrible hack

Maud Scheltinga


Year Released: 2017
Format: CD
Label: Drunk With Love
Reviewed by MH on Jul 14, 2017
Another Drunk With Love release here that is wonderfully presented - this time on CD, and housed within an old book filled with lyrics, sheet music and photographs. Maud Scheltinga has the kind of classically haunting voice that harks back to the likes of Sybille Baier. It's all brittle, beautiful and old worldly. The music is sparse in the main although one or two others join in on drums, bass and piano on occasion. When they do, things get a little more upbeat as they do on "Master". On the more hushed tracks the feel is very intimate with Maud's restrained and beautiful vocals backed by delicately fingerpicked acoustic guitar. Another interesting addition to Drunk With Love's growing roster.

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