A horrible hack

Drux - Veuve SS

Split EP

Year Released: 2016
Format: 12" EP
Label: Nerdcore - Maquillage & Crustaces
Reviewed by Nerida on Aug 11, 2017
The first track on this split is an angry rant titled ‘Banned from the L-Club’ from Germany’s Drux. It’s fast and aggressive hardcore punk, I’m guessing directed at somewhere they’re maybe not allowed to play anymore, from the annoyance in the lyrics. This is followed up by the equally angry ‘Mental Breakdown’ an unhappy scraping of hardcore rage you could smash up a Disco to. Drux have blended elements of bands like SSD with the UK82 sound of Chaos UK and such to create a right good half to the split.

France’s Veuve S.S on the flip side is more of a chugging metallic hardcore affair beginning on ‘Ma Guerre’, which then gravitates almost towards power violence on to the second track ‘Pleine De Mots’ before halfway through taking a complete detour and slowing right down in the direction of Doom, which right at the end made me think of early Isis.

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