A horrible hack

You're Jovian

They Were Selected And Divided

Year Released: 2017
Format: Tape
Label: Funny / Not Funny
Reviewed by MH on Sep 9, 2017
"Who or what is Jovian?", you might ask. I did. Apparently it's the adjectival form of Jupiter. Once again, CZ leads to me improving and learning new things. The band themselves play mumbly shoegazey indie rock and come from Virginia. They've been around a while too - the earliest release on Bandcamp is from 2011 and it sounds like it all started off as a solo project for Elliott Malvas a few years before that. Anyway, the guitars have a 90s swirly sound to them, and the vocals are all drifting and muffled. The spritely riff that opens "Revelations" is lovely and this one might be the standout track for me here. Nice stuff.

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