A horrible hack

The Scarecrow Frequency

Somber Pacific

Year Released: 2017
Format: Tape
Label: 1980 Records
Reviewed by Oli Saunders on Sep 17, 2017
John Argetsinger returns with a new haircut and 10 track album, which gets a tape release. 'John Rambo Dick' is a typical meandering and barely decipherable opening. A track reminiscent of much of his output over the years; if you are listening for the first time and like it then you are in for one hell of a time with the rest (we're ten years in). The riffs on the second track remind me so much of Zoppo at the start, before I get the Duster chills. The backwards drum recording makes an appearance in track four before a smooth transition back into playing forwards. I think this particular drum beat has been used many times in the past but it still sounds amazing. That snare sound... Probably the most simple track and probably my favourite track, that is often the way. 'Aqukkasuk' has a Goodbye Horses vibe - unintentional? I'm not sure. I lose a little interest towards the end: 'Valley Of Fire' and 'Buried in Tulips' don't particularly stand out. 'Etok' has a good ending with the riff and audio sample, before a piano and Charles Bukowski see us out.

17th September 2017

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