A horrible hack


Copper Beach

Year Released: 2016
Format: LP
Label: Funny / Not Funny
Reviewed by Ted Reynolds on Sep 23, 2017
My proper record player is broken so I have to listen to this on a suitcase one, so it's tinny as fuck - is it tinny in real life? Maybe it is? I guess I will never know, or I won't until I fix my record player, and knowing how horribly lazy I am, that may be some time.

However, to get back to the task at hand, this is some great sounding noisy indie pop. Good melodies but with enough washes of noise to keep it interesting, Because the singing is quite laidback feeling, it gives it bit of a more upbeat shoegaze/c86 sort of vibe.

They really remind of a band I know I like but for some reason can't remember (that helps right? top class review skills),I could imagine they would have suited being on PolyVinyl back when that was a going concern, (The band Decibully that were on Polyvinyl once stayed in my house for like 3 days, they were a delight, but one of them did help himself to my crisps, which is an unforgivable offence - those McCoy's were a treat mate, you just swarmed in scoffing away, honestly terrible behaviour).

I'm really enjoying the record - not a bad or let down song on the whole thing, it's not often I get a record to review where I actually think 'I will listen to this again',due to my general lack of interest in a lot of things, also partly due to a need to have the television on at all times.

Stand out numbers are 'Tailspin' and 'Communion', mate there is even an acoustic instrumental song called 'Palate Cleanse' at the end that didn't make me want to dump the record in the bin which is very unusual, just a nice folky drift out track. Great record.

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