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Tapestry - Coma Regalia

Our Laughter Under Cerulean Skies

Year Released: 2017
Format: 9"
Label: Dingleberry - Middle Man Records - Canopus - Pointless Forever
Reviewed by Oli Saunders on Oct 15, 2017
Best 9'' ever? The Shikari / Louise Cyphre split for me. Okay so it's the only 9'' I own but it is also fucking incredible. Coma Reglia weren't happy just releasing splits with every screamy band they could find; they had to go and make sure they got a release on this format too. More about them in a minute as Tapestry are first up; they play a style that has so many links back to 90s emo but, at the same time, doesn't fit. I can't really explain it; I feel as if I should like 'Strings and Azimth' but I don't. It's just a bit "meh". The second track nearly reaches six minutes and is a stronger reflection; the guitar at the start sounds like Mars To Stay, then the soft vocals come in and it's actually good. They need some tweaking but show promise as a rare emo band in these times.

Coma Reglia continue to do what they normally do. Modern screamo with interesting song structures; they take their time in the build ups and then know when to go for it. The snare could sound a bit more punishing, instead it sounds like someone tapping on a bucket, but the rest of the instruments are on point.

15th October 2017

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