A horrible hack


Snowed In / Stormed Out

Year Released: 2016
Format: LP
Label: Dingleberry - Barely Regal - Neat Is Murder - Pundonor - Lose La Track - Gropied
Reviewed by Oli Saunders on Oct 15, 2017
Bis Aufs Messr describe this as emo but I wouldn't. I guess it could sneak onto one of those Emotapes that were floating around peer-to-peer networks about ten years ago, like that one Milemarker song where he talks throughout alongside some lovely instruments. Still, let's focus on the music; to me this is original and quirky indie rock; Life Detecting Coffins comes to mind - unpredictable and interesting. Perhaps, like that band, Dags! would have done better releasing fewer songs. 11 songs here end up being a lot to get through in one go. Maybe you disagree. But it starts strongly and fades by the end. They've gone to the Neil Perry school of song names, with the best being "I Would Love To Send All Those Shitheads Wearing Camo To The Actual Army", though not all hit the mark, like the songs themsevles. 'We all like theories, let's not make anything ever happen' is the pick of them.

15th October 2017

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