A horrible hack

Record Review



Year Released: 2017
Format: CD
Label: S.K
Reviewed by Oli Saunders on Oct 28, 2017
One final review for today, and I thought I'd pick an album which doesn't have 'war' or 'hell' in the title, nor a skull or the grim reaper on the cover. I've made a good choice - Autisti play lo-fi indie rock which makes me reflect on how much I liked the Late Bloomer demo when it came out - there's a similar thing going on here with the vocals in particular (well, the first track). The band themselves compare themselves to Dinosaur Jr, the Pixies and Guided By Voices - I can see a bit of the Pixies (especially later on when it gets weirder), have not heard enough Dinosaur Jr and would say no to the GBV reference. But that gives you enough of an idea, which is the point. No absolute standouts but a solid recording.

28th October 2017

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