A horrible hack

Knife Hits


Year Released: 2016
Format: LP
Label: Dead Tank - Give Praise - Hydrogen Man
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Oct 30, 2017
Big, saucy stuff that probably gets described as post-hardcore but actually makes me think post-screamo. You know: all those bands from the early-to-mid-00s with sufferin' succotash! vocals, sassy riffs and a sense of muscular heft to them that, Twisted Sister-like, proclaimed a desire to ROCK. Much of the time a rowdy, modernised Hot Cross/Pg.99/Frodus/Light The Fuse And Run pick n' mix would be a kind and fair comparison, though occasionally it can wiffle off into the same forgettable territory as the Wolves LP or one of those many, many Transistor Transistor releases. Doubtless there are numerous newer, cooler comparisons to be had than the shit to which I refer, but, for god's sake, who can really be bothered to trawl for new bands like this when used bins the world over are already bulging with cast off Oil, Lack and Doomriders releases?

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