A horrible hack

King Woman

Created In The Image Of Suffering

Year Released: 2017
Format: LP
Label: Relapse
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Oct 31, 2017
Spent a lot of time thinking about what to write about this – must be months and months now, in fact. Long and short of it is that 'Created In The Image Of Suffering' is excellent. It occupies the same dour psychic space as True Widow and The Angelic Process, albeit heavier, noisier and even more foreboding. Things’re dismal and austere, the music bleary but carefully articulated and plodding along at pace stately enough to accommodate Kristina Esfandiari's weary death rattle exhalations. The overall vibe is one of sheer doomed out, gloomed out, misery-of-the-highest-order bliss, and if you're looking for another reason not to do all the things you really should then just sit back and keep this one spinning until it's time to go to bed again.

Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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