A horrible hack


On The Ruins Of A Fallen Empire

Year Released: 2017
Format: Download
Label: Blood Harvest
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Nov 9, 2017
Fetid death metal from a band that might hail from France but certainly can't claim too much by way of Gallic charm. From the off, the guitar sound engages: thick and gristly, like something being disgorged. The riffs twist and twine, staggering between speedy blasts and a more leisurely, staggering gait. Incantation, if they'd been from a glum part of Europe where the sun doesn't much shine, would serve as a solid point of reference. I'm also minded of a doomier Stench Of Decay, if that isn't too obscure a comparison. While the two tracks here are a solid enough listen, I feel things would need to be tightened up and given a booster shot if I was going to put myself through a full-length. Still, it's early days yet, so hopefully the band can whip their dynamics into shape in order to really capitalise on that nasty, gnarly guitar tone.

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