A horrible hack

Fifteen Years

Welcome To Hell

Year Released: 2017
Format: CD
Label: self released
Reviewed by Oli Saunders on Nov 17, 2017
I used to see a lot of terrible bands at The Fleece in Bristol (admittedly, I thought some were good at the time). Fifteen Years would have fitted in well with that group; instead I see them playing at the Louisiana in a recent photo - I frequented there too; I give it a bit more credit, though it was still hit and miss. My favourite venue, which has left lasting memories (The Mock Heroic, Kids Return, Railway Ghosts, Facel Vega, Kunal), was The Junction. Punk gigs in Bristol were never the same once it closed.

What to say... this sounds/looks like some folk's first attempt at a band, emulating their punk heroes (yes, one guy has that Descendents t-shirt on in the photo). They don't take themselves too seriously and write simply lyrics like 'Come on, Baby come on, Come on and die', though these seem frustratingly lazy and cliche to surely anyone who has listened to punk for more than a year. The singer has a decent voice - it's not far from the Fat Mike / Sum 41 territory and has potential. The rest of the music is okay - it's punk, it's simple, it does the job - but let's be honest, it's third-rate at best.

Still you made it onto Collective so well done. Now look for some uniqueness, forget about emulating Fat Wreck too much (go listen to some Marked Men), and spend more time on lyrics. Then give me a shout. Thanks. Also, don't let that person do your cover art again.

17th November 2017

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