A horrible hack


The Bombs Are Getting Closer

Year Released: 2017
Format: CD
Label: Aahhh!! Real Records
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Nov 21, 2017
Rather odd to be sent something for review where a member of the band is someone who you had an acquaintance with at high school some 25 years ago and not spoken to since (to my recollection, apologies if that’s not the case, age and booze have not served me well). I’m not sure if said person realised the same ancient connection whilst trawling the internet and stumbling across this neglected little website but who knows. I don’t write many reviews in 2017 but I suppose your best chance of getting one these days is having been to the same school as me at the same time.


CSE are quite intriguing, cracking out some frantic, snarling post-hardcore. It reminds me in little moments of all sorts of bands I listened to in the early 2000s but not quite. Perhaps some of those metallic screamy post hardcore bands that were doing the rounds back then. Even a little Swing Kids here and there although it’s been both cleaned and grunged up somewhat. Maybe filtered through the Wildhearts. There’s lots of big riffs and gruff shouting going on, and I don’t really know whether how they arrived at their sound is remotely similar to my taste in this style but that’s by the by really. I’m guessing that there is at least a little bit of Refused involved anyway.

Neat little release. Class of Taverham High ‘93 reprazent.

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