A horrible hack


I Talk to God…But the Sky is Empty

Year Released: 2017
Format: 2x7"
Label: time as a color - Zegema Beach Records
Reviewed by Oli Saunders on Dec 24, 2017
Wristmeetrazor's name, artwork and choice of audio samples certain hark back to Usurp Synapse but that is really the only similarity here. You'll have to let them off it being a 2x7'' too; I believe this is a rerelease/combination of two records. Fortunately, it's good. The melodic instruments work well together and the moment when they jar in unison at the end of '1716' is a highlight. The vocals are very metalcore but give them a chance. This is such a mix of different styles and I'm starting to think it works. 'This Summer's Sorrow' is a bit of a letdown track but they bring it back with 'Bible Study With an Atheist' (right out of the Neil Perry school of song titles) before going for an epic outro.

24th December 2017

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