A horrible hack
Dunno about you, but FOTB are one of those bands whose records I've acquired without really meaning to, often as The Other Band on a spit release or out of a sense of Slap A Ham brand loyalty if spotted in the wild. On their side of this record, they do what they do. In case you've been asleep for the past 20 years, this means ridiculous, rampaging, blur-of-noise fast hardcore that isn't so much trying to knock the sand out of you as simply have a whale of a time on its own terms. Mostly it doesn't make too much sense so it's a question of grinning along and riding it out, but the closing 'theme song' is fun, semi coherent and probably the easiest point of entry.

Terlalang hail from Malaysia and have been going for ten years now, appearing alongside bands like Godstomper, Sete Star Sept and Archagathus, and while I could just be distracted by the shrouded kittens on their side of the sleeve, I seem to be feeling their stuff a bit more. Their sound is a bit thrash-y and a bit grind-y, and here they blast along with a sense that they're playing at the utmost edge of their ability, which gives things a cool, frantic vibe that's augmented by the thin, ragged production and the fact that the singer sounds like his head could topple off at any moment.

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