A horrible hack

Endorphins Lost - OSK


Year Released: 2018
Format: 7"
Label: Rotten To The Core - Agromosh - Delusion Of Terror - New Age Pyrate Punx - All You Die
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Feb 4, 2018
Four from Endorphins Lost, three from OSK. The former follow the trajectory they were on with their 'Choose Your Way' LP: fast, muscular, grinding hardcore with powerviolence inflections. It's tidily done and tough to fault in terms of delivery, though maybe a bit too faceless to make it any sort of regular listen. OSK aren't a million miles away in terms of sound, albeit a bit scruffier at the edges and with an appetite for the kind of big, lunging riffs that bring Dystopia to mind. Serviceable stuff all round, then, if unlikely to ever form the centrepiece of anyone's record collection.

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