A horrible hack


Configuração Do Lamento

Year Released: 2017
Format: Download
Label: Neurot
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Feb 19, 2018
Seen the Deafkids name about and had them them for some noisy, crusty hc thing, particularly since they did a split with frenzied countrymen Timekiller. Struck me as odd, then, that they turned up on Neurot, but when I gave this a whirl it actually made perfect sense. While there are some residual traces of crust-blasted grime 'Configuração Do Lamento' actually shows more of a spiritual link to Zu or The Ex, and the heaviness is more akin to that point in the 90s where Sepultura started experimenting with home-grown sounds and Max was palling around with Alex Newport. The sound is dynamic, industrialized and synthetic-sounding, blurring boundaries and driven by a diverse mix of rhythmic surges and crackle-edged slabs of unmade sound. If a tad brief it's compelling while it lasts: an EP-length sonic collage that should serve as a good leaping-off point for those who like their heaviness inventive, eclectic and, above all, different.

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