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Megaflora - Swanning


Year Released: 2017
Format: 7"
Label: Everything Sucks Music
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Apr 14, 2018
Love the art on this, it’s a super nice bit of design. Good music too. Philadelphia's (go birds!) Swanning serve up a pair of tracks to open. Both songs with a bit of a rain theme, appropriate for this time of year. “April Rain” is a sparky slice of punky indie rock, been a long time since I listened to the Weakerthans but that’s the first thing that came to mind here. Their other song is slow and much more downbeat. Similar to Pohgoh perhaps, rather ‘mo and resigned. Will be keeping an eye out for what happens next from these people.

Megaflora (ex Bird Calls omg appropriate artwork) are on the other side and I knew I’d be into this from the moment the first big shiny guitars crash in on “Lonely”. The chunky bass instantly giving me vibes of when the Hated went college rock. Dang the dual vocals on this are just perfect too. Great song. Doesn’t ever quite explode as it’s threatening to, but it cruises along marvelously. “Nunavut” also has that later Hated sound on the intro, it’s uncanny. Another song full of uplifting jangles. I’m well up for hearing more from this band.

P.S. Apologies to the label, and pretty much any label that has sent stuff in to CZ since last September, losing the forum and then personal ruts have meant that things did not get processed. Hopefully getting my shit back together.

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