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Manual de Supervivencia

Year Released: 2018
Format: Download
Label: self released
Reviewed by MH on Jun 24, 2018
My previous acquaintance with Malaga's Altraüma was when they sent in their excellent split with Shonen Bat a couple of years ago. Their side of that split was three tracks of punked-up emo that was a nice contrast to the more intricate guitar sound of Shonen Bat (I've just noticed there was a subsequent split with Pura Vida that I should probably check out too - Andy reviewed it on here so I could've paid more attention). There are bits of this new LP that sound more like Shonen Bat this time around - the guitar sound on the opener as well as the start of "Todos necesitamos algo de desierto" but Altraüma remain a noisier bunch. It's also a touch more abrasive than before too - particularly vocally. There's a couple of them yelling on most of the tracks here and it's an energetic set of songs with a sound that is steeped in the 90s. "Nadie tiene por qué morir en el Norte" is desperate and mixed in with a spoken sample from 90s film, "Frankenhooker" - this one has me thinking of that Yage track with the sample from "About Schmidt". I'm glad bands like this still find their way to this website.

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