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What Heaven Is Like

Year Released: 2018
Format: LP
Label: Damnably
Reviewed by MH on Jun 25, 2018
Album number 7 here from indie rockers Wussy. I need to mention that my acquaintance with them started at album number 6 and despite telling myself I need to go through their back catalogue I still haven’t gotten round to it. Dear oh dear. This one starts off with the atmospheric “One Per Customer” and is typical of the way their songs depict stories. There’s something cinematic about Wussy's lyrics that draws me in and the interplay between Chuck Cleaver and Lisa Walker on vocals is apparent throughout this new one. I should mention that there are a couple of cover versions on here too - a Kath Bloom song plus the suitably weird “Aliens In Our Midst”. A couple of songs deserve a special mention - the gentle and hazy "Firefly" was written on the spot during the recording session, and the wistful “Gloria” which was inspired by “Fargo” (season 3 in this case) and is absolutely wonderful.

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