A horrible hack


Social Exclusion Blues

Year Released: 2018
Format: Tape
Label: Penny Whistles And Moon Pies
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Aug 23, 2018
A venomous dose of life-hating sludge birthed somewhere in Finland. Taser bring nothing remotely new to the table musically, but the lack of sonic intrigue is tempered by a sense of believability: there's a noxious, spirit-crushed air to their music that allows the band to deep-dive into shitpits of misery that can't be mined with adequate songcraft alone. Beyond this, the riffing is pendulous and nauseating, the vocals suitably throatslit and the samples (including one that seems to have been lifted wholesale from 'Slave') by turns harried and depressing. This probably isn't one for heads whose interest in the genre starts and ends with Iron Monkey, but if you're the type who still finds solace in the likes of Molehill then these four songs are definitely worth exploring.

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