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The Frozen Casket

Year Released: 2018
Format: Download
Label: Reaper Music - Redefining Darkness - Camo Pants - Metal Race - HTH Productions
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Aug 29, 2018
With 'The Frozen Casket' Cist seem to be imagining that the last 30 years or so haven't happened, wallowing as they do in the boom years of early Floridian death metal. Obituary and early Death are clear touchpoints, and while some aspects of the band's sound teeter between homage and plagiarism you can’t knock the calibre of the songs or their forceful, direct delivery. There's also an exhilarating sense of energy to proceedings, and it's this twist of the blade that raises Cist above the mangled, twitching heap of wannabes and marks them out as serious ones to watch.

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