A horrible hack

Void Rot

Consumed By Oblivion

Year Released: 2018
Format: Download
Label: Sentient Ruin - Everlasting Spew
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Sep 3, 2018
A brief death-doom emanation that succeeds for reasons that could well be unintentional. In terms of genre tropes, Void Rot are on it: things are as slow and sticky as a Shoggoth's bowel movement, and passed with a dutiful sense of pain and grunting dismay. The sound, however, is relatively light, with the riffs smooth like sand-buffed pieces of glass and the production shedding light rather than miring things in unnatural darkness. Somehow this combination imbues Void Rot with a sense of grace, allowing the three tracks to glide like a wraith moving through the halls of a cavernous crystal mausoleum. As such it's an odd release: failing in terms of the dank desperation we usually seek from the genre while raising itself aloft with the kind of outlier quirks for which Sentient Ruin is renowned.

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