A horrible hack

Giant Peach

But You Made Me Such A Beautiful Thing

Year Released: 2018
Format: LP
Label: Dead Broke Rekerds
Reviewed by MH on Oct 9, 2018
I suddenly remembered the other day that I was meant to review this one a while ago. I have a few things to blame - parenting, a holiday and also England’s doomed World Cup campaign in Russia which is now admittedly ages ago too. Giant Peach’s follow-up to “Tarantula” is a dense and meandering record that has me thinking of 90s grunge plus, lyrically, I'm reminded of the likes of Wussy as this one has a cinematic feel as well as its more dreamy and pondering side. The songs here are growers and tend to stick around - a number of them on the second side aren’t far off ten minutes so you’ll want to get comfortable for this one. Good to know this band is still around.

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