A horrible hack

K. Campbell

Pure Pop For Jaded Punks

Year Released: 2017
Format: Tape
Label: Poison Moon
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Oct 20, 2018
Absolutely astonished that 1990s Arsenal striker Kevin Campbell has released a power pop album on tape. Oh wait, sorry. This is actually Kirke Campbell from mid 2000s emo legends, Die Emperor, Die! Discounting all of those tortured references, this is some good shit, that you need to approach without knowing who DED or Kevin Campbell are. Mr Campbell has a real talent for writing a catchy tune that you're going to bounce around within. So long as you're not aware of a band called Toru Okada. Apologies Kirke, I'm probably too tied up into the dim and distant past to write you a sensible review here. OK, going back to basics this is just some super catchy, smartly written power pop that you should enjoy if you like energetic music of this genre. There's been a lot of it over the years, and your enjoyment may depend on the angle that you have reached this from. To me, this sounds v good.

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