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Broken Hearts Are Blue

Here Is Always Nowhere

Year Released: 2018
Format: Download
Label: self released
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jan 6, 2019
OK, who had Broken Hearts are Blue in the "obscure 90s kind of emo related bands comeback" sweepstakes? Anyone? No? If someone made a YouTube video called "Andy reacts to Broken Hearts are Blue's return!" the thumbnail would have been a picture of me clutching both sides of my head, my mouth agape, to indicate to the viewer that I am quite surprised by this development.

First song here "Here is Always Nowhere" is really good and the standout track for sure. It feels like it fits with the original album, a sweeping mid 90s style alt rocker. It reminds me particularly of Smashing Pumpkins, but that might be mostly down the casual vocals. "Last Night, Walnut Street" is actually a little garagey, one of these fellas was in the probably forgotten (especially by me) Hidden Chord. I haven't heard the Hidden Chord for almost 20 years so take that with a pinch of salt mind you. "Rustbelt Sunsets" is a slightly plodding indie rocker, could have done with being a bit punchier for me. "Murder Mysteries" wraps the EP up nicely, going a bit bouncier.

Interesting little 4 song set, the songs are quite disparate which is fine for an EP. I don't know if BHAB are persisting as a band, but it's cool that this release happened. Their previous LP "The Truth About Love" was undeservedly overlooked and if this release helps them get a new audience for that album then that's certainly a good thing.

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