A horrible hack



Year Released: 2018
Format: Download
Label: Lifeforce - Yehonala Tapes
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Jan 19, 2019
More raging blackened hardcore from Ancst, who've certainly got their sound down pat these days. The band tear along with a bitter sense of determination, all relentless, clattery drums, parched vocals and fresh-from-the-whetstone riffs. Personally I find this stuff easy to like but hard to love, and it's only when the band throw in something unfamiliar like a mid-paced thud or below-the-surface wriggle that my ears really prick up. End of the day it's another solid, well-played release – if you know Ancst then you can rely on what you're going to get, and if you're new to them then this is as good a place to dive in as any.

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