A horrible hack

Debbie Downers

Eat My Skorts

Year Released: 2018
Format: Tape
Label: Helta Skelta
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Feb 14, 2019
Cool, catchy, spiky punk rock by a band that seems to have split up already. Curses! The six songs here add up to something like 15 minutes, combining a fun, have-at-it approach with a witty and deeply-embedded sense of sarcasm. The guitars chop and chime, cowbell and tambourine intervene and songs cover off everything from loathed items of clothing ('Practical Unfashionable') and a healthy appreciation of David Attenborough to the shrugged-off prospect of dying alone ('Franklin Street'). Lob in a Nubs cover ('Job', of course) and I'm sold – check it out, and keep an idea on whatever these Perth punx involve themselves in next!

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