A horrible hack

Green Dreams

Here At Makeout Castle

Year Released: 2017
Format: LP
Label: Radical Empathy
Reviewed by Alex Deller on May 12, 2019
Heavy, angry, fuzzed-out stuff that tips its greasy cap to the sallow-looking subsection of grunge that originally had its roots in punk. 'Here At Makeout Castle' is blurrily tuneful and possesses plenty of ass-kicking thump, mixing up slurry Sonic Youth vibes, Sleater Kinney's pissed off angularity and Superchunk's bittersweet slacker surge. It's with tracks like the winding 'Hangry' and the standout 'Self Help' (which seems to give Fugazi a nod with its belligerent "I don't wanna be defeated"...) that Green Dreams are at their very best: melodic and catchy but with so much rage that any sugar they contain comes to a dangerous, scalding boil. Fans of Weakened Friends, Come and California X please do take note – it seems like your next cranky, bummed-out stoner-punk love affair is at the door, and by the looks of 'em they're either going to start a scuffle or collapse face-first in the hallway.

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