A horrible hack

Musket Hawk

Upside Of Sick

Year Released: 2019
Format: Download
Label: Unholy Anarchy - Goodtimes
Reviewed by Alex Deller on May 12, 2019
Pretty cool mix of blunt-edged sludge and jagged grind here. While these two worlds occasionally bleed into one another (grind bands slowing down for a staggered lurch; sludge bands throwing in a speedier hardcore part...) it's fairly rare to hear a band attempt a wholesale genetic splice. To their infinite credit Musket Hawk pull things off impeccably, merging the ravening blasts and clumpy trudge in a way that makes complete and utter sense rather than sounding like two different beasts pulling in opposite directions. It's interesting, too: instead of sinking into the safer, baser inclinations of either genre there's plenty of intrigue and mixed-up riffing going on, the six tracks forming a swirling, roiling morass of negativity that should make perfect sense if you've ever wondered what would happen if Brutal Truth and Fistula ever bore a mutant child.

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