A horrible hack



Year Released: 2018
Format: 7"
Label: Imminent Destruction - De:Nihil
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Jun 1, 2019
Vinyl pressing of what I believe is this Malmö band's demo, and it RAGES. Five tracks of ripping hardcore that touches base with their hometown's crusty heritage while lobbing in some spitfire rock n' roll influences and a greasy wodge of confrontational attitude that sounds almost like a strung out n' skeletal Annihilation Time. Despite (or, more likely, because of) the antagonistic, in-yer-face snarl of it all I totally can’t get enough – it's a wonderfully horrible slap across the chops, and I really need to track down their other 7" sharpish...

Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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