A horrible hack

Rat Fancy

Stay Cool

Year Released: 2019
Format: LP
Label: HHBTM Records
Reviewed by MH on Jun 5, 2019
I recall enjoying Rat Fancy's "Suck A Lemon" EP last year so this one was of interest when it came in. Kind of lo-fi indie pop and some big pop songs on here - nice and noisy too with a healthy energy and drive that shift this towards power pop on occasion - "Stuck With You" towards the end hurtles its way into pop punk territory and is pretty raucous. "Beyond Belief" is a great song - has a big chorus and then something of the Shangri-La's about it where it kind of slows down and the talky vocals come in. That's one of a couple of songs from the "Suck A Lemon" EP that have been reworked here. A fun record - fits in well with some of the bands on Odd Box. Also, you can buy a Rat Fancy pillow case on their Bandcamp page.

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