A horrible hack


Every Cell

Year Released: 2019
Format: 12" EP
Label: Be Happy - Forge Again - Middle Man Records - Killer Tofu - Triple Eye Industries
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 5, 2019
This is the sort of driving indie rock that doesn't seem to be around much any more. Well, it probably is, I just don't get to hear it, as it's being played in basements and bars around the world and I just haven't got the time to spend hours on the internet looking for it. This 6 song EP reminds me of all sorts of stuff from the late 90s. The sort of spirited emo inflected indie rock that eventually got burned out via endless Emo Diaries comps, but for a short sharp period, music like this was a huge part of my life. Bands like Samuel and Sense Field in particular come to mind when listening to the first couple of songs. That powerful post hardcore feel is evoked, and Engines have a big, beefy sound matched perfectly by Emily Jancetic's searing vocals. Things take a bit of a turn with a couple of slower, twinkly tunes, and the poppier, Sarge-like "Metempsychosis". All enjoyable tracks but for me this band is at it's best when they are absolutely belting one out. Regardless, every track here is at the bare minimum solid so this is easily worth your time. Especially if you hanker for an honest slab of that late 90s post hardcore then this one should be getting some of your attention.

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