A horrible hack

Pardon Us


Year Released: 2017
Format: 7"
Label: Everything Sucks Music
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jul 11, 2019
Apologies here to the band and the label, I think this one was sent at least two years ago. We're struggling a bit for reviewers lately, and a few things have got stuck on the list for a while. I've recently moved house though and have a bit more space to be organised in, and feeling a bit more like writing, so I'll try and kick out some reviews of the stragglers.

This one deserves a listen for sure, it's catchy UK melodic punk, reminds me a bit of old 90s Crackle bands. A little rough at the edges but backed up absolutely talented song writing, each song has big hooks and plenty going for it. Makes sense, there are people here who've spent time in Flamingo 50 and the Down and Outs so they certainly know what they're doing by now. Give it a go if you kind of miss when pop punk was played by bands like J Church and Chopper. And being as they're from Liverpool I'm going to drop an obligatory Crocodile God reference.

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