A horrible hack



Year Released: 2017
Format: 7"
Label: Everything Sucks Music
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jul 11, 2019
Here's another 2017 release from Everything Sucks, no wonder they gave up on sending stuff in. 4 songs from a band called Haters, who appear to be from Brighton. Everything Sucks ironically don't seem to put out bad bands, and this is no exception. Haters dish up some mid-paced, punky indie rock. It's a little emo in spirit and lyrics (introspective and thoughtful), but I can't put a finger on who this specifically reminds me of, which is generally a good thing. Each song is well crafted and I'd have figured they had a fine LP in them, but I'm not sure it's yet materialised by the looks of Bandcamp. Anyway, give this one a listen and maybe that's still to come one day.

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