A horrible hack

Booze Radly

Haunted Mind

Year Released: 2019
Format: LP
Label: self released
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jul 12, 2019
When the first song on your album reminds me a bit Teenage Cool Kids then we're getting off on the right foot. "Empty Rooms" crashes in full of energy and all five members of the band offering vocals. Now the regular reader of CZine knows I'm generally not the worlds biggest fan of the gang vocal but paired with this sort of lively indie rock I can turn a blind eye with the best of them. Philly's Booze Radly ease off a little bit after that opener, not quite hitting those highs but remaining solid throughtout. Special note should be take of the fact that 5 (count 'em, five!) songs are over 4 minutes long. A grave error in the day and age where we all get bored of something after 30 seconds. According to "a study" the average person checks their phone 10000 times a year, so you do the math(s). Oh ok, probably that works out as only once whilst listening to an album. Anyway. This is a nice record, it's fairly varied in styles, not just treading the same path for the duration. "Willow" has a nice little bit of keyboard running through it, bouncing along like poppy emo bands circa 2010 (or whenever it was now, I lose track), think that was the standout track after the opener for me.

This is not necessarily straight up my street musically but I could certainly appreciate it, and if you hold a candle for the music scene this is influenced by I reckon it's worth checking out.

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